Types of Canvas Prints for Your Wedding Photos

The Amazing Advantages Of Investing In Canvas Prints For Your Family Portraits

Family photos are timeless. But if you have taken the time to schedule a professional photoshoot, bought new clothes an even perhaps paid for hair and makeup, the last thing that you want is to memorialise your pictures in regular framed photographs! A solution that is steadily becoming the go-to for individuals that value these memories is investing in canvas prints. Personalised custom prints are masterpieces that make a statement wherever you choose to mount them in your home. Moreover, the high-quality finish of these prints adds a touch of elegance to your family portraits. Before you have your family portraits printed and framed, consider the following amazing advantages of investing in canvas prints.

Cost and time efficiency

You may have discounted personalized canvas prints in the pat under the impression that they are simply too expensive an investment for photographs. But this is not true. Granted, the canvas material on its own does come with a high price tag. Nevertheless, this is because of the higher the quality of the canvas, the better the quality of the printed picture! Compared to a regular photograph, investing in canvas prints will prove more affordable in the long run since you do not have to pay for a frame, mounting services and more. When it comes to turnaround time, your portrait canvas prints will be finished in a shorter time than traditional framed photographs, as the canvas prints are not being framed and mounted. You should also note that the finished family portrait would look more like an oil painting than a photograph. Therefore, you will be getting the most bang out of your buck with canvas prints.

Eliminate size restrictions

The second mazing advantage of personalized canvas prints is that you are not hindered by size limitations. Have you ever walked into a museum or a gallery and seen a massive painting that takes up the entire space on a wall? You may want the same for your home, but it will be too cumbersome since the lager the photograph, the bigger the frame and the heavier the entire picture will be. Not only does this mean specialised mounting to ensure that your preferred wall will be capable of bearing the load of the print but you will also need to pay extra for this specialised mounting and transportation of the large frame. Opting for a canvas print for your family portrait, on the other hand, does not present any size restrictions, as these pictures are lightweight. You could opt for multiple same-sized panels or one large print that is wrapped around framing. 

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Types Of Canvas Prints For Your Wedding Photos

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The Amazing Advantages Of Investing In Canvas Prints For Your Family Portraits
12 May 2020

Family photos are timeless. But if you have taken